(2.29) Gilles Lamarche

Gilles Lamarche is a passionate chiropractor who has practiced for more than 25 years in Northern Ontario, Canada. He is an avid student of the psychology and philosophy of success. He has spoken to audiences throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, Scandinavia, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean. He is the author and co-author of more than nine books including Say Yes to Chiropractic Success and the Parker System for Professional Success. Gilles was named Canadian Chiropractor of the Year in 2006 by the readers of Canadian Chiropractor Magazine. He recently joined the staff at Life University.

(2.28) Fred DiDomenico

A 1987 graduate of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic,

he quickly found the philosophy of chiropractic after school and elevated his life purpose to help as many people as possible understand and live this philosophy and life style.

Since chiropractic principle is truth, he believes spinal correction was the highest, most powerful application of the principle. He believes subluxated, diseased people can become corrected, healthy and live the principle of an optimal spine/optimal health lifestyle. He endeavored to become his best with spinal correction and an inspirational leader with powerful communication, team and practice building skills to reach his vision and calling on a global scale in this life. In 14 years of practice he had 4 spinal corrective practice that were CBP based in 3 states seeing an average of 550 – over 700 a week that were created from their inception.

Dr. Fred began working with Pettibon in 2002, became an instructor and in 2008 began a close, united relationship with CBP attending over 100 hours a year of technique seminars becoming the most qualified coach for spinal corrective practices. He coupled this with professional communication training in 5 systems for the last 18 years and continues today. The most predominant communication systems are NLP and Life Coaching, similar to the most effective and sought after business coaches in the world today.

Dr. Fred’s application of the communication systems, the most effective, researched and advanced spinal correction technique, CBP and tools to help you build a powerful spinal corrective “Culture” in your practice makes Elite Coaching a new model for a new world building the highest value for your care while creating lifelong, committed and inspired relationships with your patients in the profession today.

(2.27) Patrick Gentempo

I grew up in middle-class suburbia the youngest of 3 kids with extraordinarily loving parents. We were of Italian Catholic decent (if you cut me, I bleed olive oil). I started my first business in 7th grade. I bought candy in bulk and sold in in pieces in my French class. It was quite profitable. I miss that business.

I started getting my first pay check at age 14. I've been working enthusiastically ever since.

When I was in High School I accomplished some impressive things. I was a 5-time NJ State and 2-time AAU National Karate Champion. I also in many respects took the road less traveled. Moto-Cross. Auto-mechanics. I liked taking things apart and fixing them. A pivotal moment for me was senior year when I decided (with the coaches urging) to wrestle. I hurt my neck badly one day in practice. The medical doctor gave me pain-killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories. The drugs didn't work and made me a bit ill. My mom brought me to a chiropractor. After the first adjustment, I was 90% better. When he explained to me the principle of chiropractic, the lights came on and my path was set. I decided that day that that was what I was going to do.

My parents didn't have the means to send me to private colleges or universities, so I worked full-time and went to a local state college. From there, I went to chiropractic school in Atlanta. I worked full-time there also... and loved every minute of it. Production and value-creation have always been 2 of my personal core values, even before I knew what a core value was. I also worked occasionally as a print model and did some TV commercials. Still have my SAG card to this day.

Shortly after graduation, I started a practice. With a partner, I started a seminar business where we trained students and new grads how to pass their state and national boards. It was quite successful. The story is too long, but I also ended up on the Regis Philbin show and did a short stint on a Soap Opera. Then I got hit by a truck while riding my bicycle in New York City. Head injury. Broken leg. I was depressed for a little while. But life is funny like that. The biggest challenges very often turn out to be complete blessings.

I was off track when I got hit by the truck. I lost my purpose. When I was laid up, I started to read things that led me to the study of philosophy. I moved out of New York City, started a new practice in my home town in New Jersey and thus started the true first act of my career.

Currently, I am in the 3rd Act of my career... and I have more detail about this on this site in the "My Business" section. I went from a practitioner. To a diagnostic technology developer/patent holder to a corporate CEO and operator. And now I am in Act 3 subsequent to the sale of my business, I head my holding company - Action Potential Holdings, Inc.

I am married to my soul-mate, Laurie. I have 3 amazing kids. I have brilliant, daring, and extraordinary friends. I travel the world in an adventurous way. I love my life.

So, that's my story.