Cal Jam 2018 Speaker’s Gala Dinner Presented by Life University

We're excited to announce Life University as the sponsor of their 11th annual Speaker’s Gala Dinner event, which takes place the evening of Friday, January 26th, 2018 at the Center Club in Costa Mesa, California. 


The Cal Jam 2018 Speaker’s Gala Dinner, presented by Life University, is a unique networking opportunity which allows attendees the opportunity to interact with speakers and industry influencers. Tickets for the Gala Dinner can be found on the California Jam web store. 

Life University is located in Marietta, Georgia and offers a variety of revolutionary undergraduate and graduate programs rooted in innovation and purpose, along with the world’s largest, philosophically sound Doctor of Chiropractic program. California Jam founder, Dr. Billy DeMoss, has wanted to partner with Life University for years, as he views such chiropractic colleges to be imperative in keeping the field of chiropractic drug-free and thriving. He is proud to be working with Life University, an establishment that aligns with the true principles and philosophy of chiropractic.

Cal Jam 2018 Sponsored by VoxxLife


We're proud to announce that VoxxLife is the main sponsor of our 11th annual event, which takes place January 26th-28th, 2018 at the Segerstrom Center of the Arts in Costa Mesa, California. 

VoxxLife is a technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance. They are on a mission to help millions achieve pain relief and enhanced mobility. VOXX HPT is a safe and natural performance solution. 

VoxxLife will also be presenting football star Roger Craig to speak about his success with chiropractic care throughout his life and career. 

Again, Cal Jam would like to recognize and thank VoxxLife for their partnership. With their help, this will surely be the best Cal Jam yet!


Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines is an excellent service that literally delivers the natural benefits of wine to your door. As people who value all-natural options, we love their carefully selected variety of lab-tested wines which allow for guilt-free indulgence with no side effects. Not to mention, it’s convenient having a healthful and curated assortment of wine on hand that we feel confident serving to speakers, guests, family, and friends.

We're excited to host Dry Farm Wines at California Jam 2018! Check in later for more details about where you can find them at the event. 


A Grassroots Win in California!

Grassroots advocacy groups won an important victory in the fight for transparent and organic farming practices last night in Sacramento. In a win for California Jam’s home state, glyphosate (the main chemical in Roundup) will now be added to a list of chemicals that are linked to cancer. By next year, products containing glyphosate will require a warning label.

This ruling will not take glyphosate off of our state’s farms or keep it off the shelves of your local Home Depot since the ruling doesn’t dictate how chemicals are used - just how they’re labeled. However, it should be noted that the school districts in Irvine, Burbank, and Glendale have banned glyphosate from their properties.

Many advocates for organic farming believe this ruling is a positive step in the fight for labeling - which has been a hard fought issue in the state for years. This is an especially powerful win after the EPA concluded, last year, that glyphosate is not carcinogenic.

Victories like the one we saw last night in California are small, but they show the power of grassroots movements and encourage us to keep up the fight against corporations and powerful special interest groups. When grassroots movements like California Jam, The Center for Biological Diversity, and Millions Against Monsanto come together - change is possible. As noted by Nathan Donley, a scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, “California’s decision makes it the national leader in protecting people from cancer-causing pesticides…the U.S. EPA now needs to step up and acknowledge that the world’s most transparent and science-based assessment has linked glyphosate to cancer.” [1]

Josh Axe, DC

 Dr. Josh Axe DC, DNM, CNS is a doctor of chiropractic, doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist and operates one of the world’s largest health websites which has over 12 Million visitors a month. He is an expert in functional medicine, digestive health and herbal remedies. Dr. Axe is also a best selling author of Eat Dirt as well as Essential Oils Ancient Medicine. He is the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition supplement company providing bone broth protein and certified organic herbal formulas. Dr. Axe and his wife, Chelsea, live in Nashville where they enjoy paddle boarding, functional exercise, Italian food and red wine.

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Joseph Mercola, DO

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic physician who believes that proper nutrition, not medicine, is the key to good health. He seeks to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms, offering you practical health solutions without the hype. Mercola founded in 1997 which is now the most visited natural health site on the web with 1.5 million subscribers. My site is grounded on providing the latest health information and providing practical health solutions.

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Billy DeMoss, DC

Dr. Billy DeMoss is an energetic and passionate speaker who has been a chiropractor and fixture within his community for over three decades. His passion for chiropractic care, community wellness, and global sustainability is far-reaching and his influence is international. Along with heading an innovative practice that educates and strengthens his community, Dr. Billy is the founder the Dead Chiropractic Society (DCS), which is a coalition of Southern California chiropractors who meet monthly to discuss chiropractic philosophy and advancements. In 2008, he decided to expand DCS by founding California Jam. Cal Jam allows him to invite world-renowned experts in public health and global sustainability to educate and empower people, not just chiropractors, from around the world who find natural solutions more attractive than harmful man-made ones and share a desire to ensure the well-being of future generations. His mission for Cal Jam is simple: awaken, empower, action. 

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Brad Glowaki, DC

Dr. Brad Glowaki is recognized as one of the professions BESTCommunicators and THE authority on NEW Patients! Known as the New Patient Maven, Glow has been helping docs deliver 10-min talks, The Professions version of a TED TALK. He empowers docs to get into MORE companies to speak based on LESS time required and the results are MASSIVE! He teaches strategies for "PREDICTABLE GROWTH" so YOU can have MORE Family Time. Learn COMMUNICATION that is proven to work and see WHY he speaks on 4 continents annually and takes 8 WEEKS FAMILY VACATION away from his California practice.

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Kellyann Petrucci

Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., is a New York Times bestselling author who has been featured on Dr. Oz, NBC, The Doctors, and ABC. A weight-loss and natural anti-aging transformation expert, Dr. Petrucci has a private practice in the Birmingham, Michigan area and is a concierge doctor for celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles. She is a board-certified naturopathic physician and a certified nutrition consultant. 

Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny, is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a clinic first established in Strongsville, Ohio in 1996 under the name of OsteoMed II. Her goal is to provide the best of integrative medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Tenpenny is a graduate of the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio and received her training as an osteopathic medical doctor at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri. Dr. Tenpenny is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. She has undertaken many advanced courses in alternative medicine, including acupuncture and complex homeopathy.

Prior to her career in alternative medicine, Dr. Tenpenny served as Director of the Emergency Department at Blanchard Valley Regional Hospital Center in Findlay, Ohio, from 1987 to 1995. In 1994, she and a partner opened OsteoMed, a medical practice in Findlay limited to the specialty of osteopathic manipulative medicine. In 1996, Dr. Tenpenny moved to Strongsville, Ohio, expanding her practice to include traditional, complementary and preventive medicine.

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Steve Judson, DC

Dr. Steve Judson has been practicing in Newington, Connecticut since 2002 and has a great passion for helping others reach their fullest potential through Chiropractic.  He is a 1998 Life University graduate and has traveled around the world to Russia, Central America, Tobago and the Dominican Republic educating doctors and patients about the power of the human body and its Innate wisdom to heal itself. As an upper cervical specialist, Dr. Judson trains chiropractors to become upper cervical specialists themselves.  He speaks and educates internationally about finding their destiny from within themselves. Dr. Judson prides himself most on his incredible family:  his wife Tammy and his five beautiful children, Kylie, Sierra, Brooke, Kane and Jaimee.

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Kevin Jackson, DC

Dr. Kevin Jackson was born in St. Catherine's, Ontario and grew up in the Niagara Falls area. He attended Niagara College for Business Administration then Brock University where he received a Bachelor of Science.  After attending Brock, he earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University. During his time Life U, Dr. Jackson won the national graduate school championship. Dr. Kevin met Dr. Selina on the first day of classes at Life University. They later married and had 2 daughters named Kinna and Kloe. His hobbies include working out, golfing, sporting clays and working with Chester, his yellow lab.


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Roberto Monaco

InfluenceOlogy was founded by Jeff and Roberto in 2008. The dynamic duo met while working for the famed Peak Performance Strategist, Anthony Robbins. Roberto actually recruited Jeff to work for the Anthony Robbins organization. The two quickly realized they were going to be friends for life and continually challenged each other, and worked together to develop their influence skills while working for Mr. Robbins. Roberto Monaco has been a full-time speaker, coach and trainer since 2002, and has conducted more than 2,700 presentations for corporate America and over 100 presentations in Brazil.

Heworked for the Anthony Robbins Companies for 6 years and in 2004, 2005, 2006 and in 2007 he was the top producer and revenue generator in the country. In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Roberto also coached and trained all the other Peak Performance Strategists at The Anthony Robbins Companies.

He has advised and consulted with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of peak performance, leadership, psychology of achievement, presentation skills and sales. Roberto conducts training sessions for distinguished audiences including Toyota, Ford, Remax, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, Century 21, City Bank, Marriott, American Express Financial, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and Chambers of Commerce all over the United States. In addition to conducting workshops and presentations, Roberto spends on average 15 hours per week conducting one on one coaching sessions with CEOS, managers, professional sales people and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries such as mortgage, real estate, financial planning, coaching, retail, training and development, etc.

Roberto Monaco is originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil, and he conducts workshops and trainings in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Roberto lives in San Diego CA. 

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Suzanne Humphries, MD

 Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a private medical consultant with American Board of Internal Medicine certifications in internal medicine and nephrology, who practices in Maine and Virginia. In 2016, she published an entertaining autobiography Rising From The Dead and is co-author of Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. Dr. Humphries has lectured throughout Scandinavia, the USA and New Zealand on vaccines, holistic health, infant immunity, and vitamin C. Many of her lectures are viewable on her YouTube channel. Epigenetics, infectious diseases, and the human microbiome are other areas of interest. Her website is .

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Deed Harrison , DC

 Dr. Deed Harrison graduated from Life-West Chiropractic College in 1996. He is a world renowned chiropractic researcher, educator, and clinician in the profession today. Dr. Harrison has developed and researched original spinal rehabilitation procedures and has lectured to thousands of Chiropractors and other Physicians in over 500 post-graduate educational conferences around the world. He has authored 100 peer-reviewed spine research papers, 4 spine textbooks, and presented at numerous peer-reviewed spine conference proceedings. Dr. Harrison is the Chair of the PCCRP Radiography Guidelines, and is a contributing member to two Chiropractic practice guidelines for patient standards of care. He is the President of Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) Technique & Seminars, is the President of CBP NonProfit, Inc.- a spinal research foundation, and is the Editor-In-Chief of the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic.


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Erin Elizabeth

Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts, working in that arena for a quarter century. Her site is less than 2 years old but has already cracked the top 20 Natural Health sites worldwide. Originally from Chicago, Erin now spends most of the year in Florida. She enjoys exploring the latest raw restaurants, hiking, reading, animal rescue, edible landscape (growing your groceries!) green living (all solar) driving an electric car for 10 years and investigative journalism.

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Lee Carrol

Lee Carroll, BSc, BHSc (WHM) is a practicing medical herbalist and herbal educator with 26 years’ experience in the herbal industry working with MediHerb® and Standard Process®.


Working alongside one of the modern world’s most influential herbalists, Professor Kerry Bone, Lee has developed deep and unique insights into the clinical application of modern western herbal medicine, herbal quality control, and herbal manufacturing.

Lee splits his time between his clinic in Brisbane and travel in the United States conducting informative and practical seminars for healthcare professionals on the clinical application of western herbal therapy.

Lee has an insatiable appetite for herbal and biomedical research and has a unique ability to explain complex concepts, making them relevant and meaningful for clinical practice.


James Chestnut, DC

Dr. James L. Chestnut has been studying human wellness and prevention for over 25 years. He holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, a Master of Science degree in exercise physiology with a specialization in neurological adaptation, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and holds a post-graduate Certification in Wellness Lifestyle. Dr. Chestnut is also the author of ‘The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm’, which is considered the gold standard evidence-based argument for lifestyle intervention. Dr. Chestnut lectures at venues worldwide including colleges and professional conferences regarding lifestyle as the evidence-based foundation of wellness and prevention and 21st Century healthcare reform.  Dr. Chestnut also holds an “O” visa from the United States which recognizes him as one of the world’s leading authorities on evidence-based lifestyle intervention for wellness and prevention. Dr. Chestnut’s efforts have touched many thousands within the natural healthcare community, and through this, millions of patients worldwide.

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Cliff Hardick, DC


Dr. Cliff Hardick has been in private chiropractic practice for nearly 50 years.  The Executive Chair of Maximized Living since 2017, Dr. Hardick is best known for his years of inspiring messages delivered on college campuses and to audiences at Parker, DE, and ICA conventions.  A 1969 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Hardick has served as President of the College of Chiropractors of Ontario in the years 2015 through 2017.  In his earlier years, Dr. Hardick studied under prominent technique developers including Drs. Gonstead, Cox, and Fuhr.  Today, he shares his years of wisdom with chiropractic enthusiasts across the globe, with a vision for ensuring that the founding principles of chiropractic will be carried on for generations.  Dr. Hardick was voted Canada’s Chiropractor of the Year in 1993 and continues to serve patients in London, Ontario, in the clinic he founded.