Cal Jam 2018 Speaker’s Gala Dinner Presented by Life University

We're excited to announce Life University as the sponsor of their 11th annual Speaker’s Gala Dinner event, which takes place the evening of Friday, January 26th, 2018 at the Center Club in Costa Mesa, California. 


The Cal Jam 2018 Speaker’s Gala Dinner, presented by Life University, is a unique networking opportunity which allows attendees the opportunity to interact with speakers and industry influencers. Tickets for the Gala Dinner can be found on the California Jam web store. 

Life University is located in Marietta, Georgia and offers a variety of revolutionary undergraduate and graduate programs rooted in innovation and purpose, along with the world’s largest, philosophically sound Doctor of Chiropractic program. California Jam founder, Dr. Billy DeMoss, has wanted to partner with Life University for years, as he views such chiropractic colleges to be imperative in keeping the field of chiropractic drug-free and thriving. He is proud to be working with Life University, an establishment that aligns with the true principles and philosophy of chiropractic.