(2.20) Robert Moberg ceo of Chirotouch


Robert Moberg, CEO of ChiroTouch

ChiroTouch development began in 1999. Ron McNeill, in collaboration with key Chiropractic practices in San Diego created the ChiroTouch total practice management system. As the passing request went out for a “simpler way,” Ron sketched out a couple of easy-to-use features that evolved into an extensively complex yet intuitive system that delivers powerful solutions for making the practice experience easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Ron joined forces with the highly tenured and experienced chiropractor, Michael Failla, in 2004. Ron’s Paperless Medical Solutions and Dr. Failla’s Failla Practice Innovations merged to form Integrated Practice Solutions, Inc (IPS) with the purpose of bringing together a powerful team of experienced in-house programmers, trainers, and client support managers.

In 2014 it became apparent that ChiroTouch needed a partner to support our rapid growth, help improve aging infrastructure, and invest more into our chiropractic solutions. With the help of K1 Capital ChiroTouch was able to push forward. 2015 was a year of major transition as we upgraded support systems, increased support staffing, and merged with Future Health Software Inc. and EON Software Solutions. We focused on delivering upon our promises and are now poised to help our clients navigate the challenges chiropractic faces