(2.26) Tom Mcfie Life Benefits

he problem was:  Everybody knew about death benefits but very few discerned or appreciated the life benefits of participating whole life insurance.  Consequently, when we discovered the life benefits we set about rectifying that problem.  And so Life Benefits was born.

Up until Life Benefits was founded nobody was talking about the life benefits of participating whole life insurance.  Some were talking about being your own bank or how to "bank on yourself" along with some other intimidating stuff, but nobody was talking about the substantial life benefits. Nor were they sharing how you could become better off by taking advantage of those life benefits.  And sadly, they weren’t showing you how to create an even greater death benefit by exercising your life benefits rights. In fact, most people were just talking about financing things like cars.  And in reality, how many cars are you going to finance in your lifetime, anyway?

But now, because of Life Benefits, you have the opportunity to cash in on the all the life benefits of participating whole life insurance.  And something even more valuable than that, you have the chance to benefit from The Perpetual Wealth Code™, our unique and exclusive technique that creates additional free cash flow in your life while maximizing your life benefits.

So why Life Benefits?  Because at Life Benefits we believe you should keep more of the money you make. And that is an enormous advantage for you.