(1.7) Barry Anderson

Dr. Anderson has always focused on human capital. He has put extreme emphasis on developing his community toward success by focusing on what drives a person toward health. Not only does he currently run a very successful practice in a suburb of Chicago, he uses his past and current experience to guide and educate his community toward health and wellness. He understands that a healthier community leads to a better quality of life. He understands that a healthier workplace leads to a better bottom line and more productivity. He understands that a healthier family leads to happier and thriving children.

He is the Co-Founder of Everest and through this medium, he is able to reach more of his world by teaching his colleagues the principles and strategies he’s used facilitate change in his own life and practice.

Dr. Anderson’s approach to education is unique. His presentations are witty, funny, and transformational. He strives to keep his audience engaged in order to facilitate CHANGE. His motto “CHANGE IS HARD, but DO IT ANYWAY” serves as the foundational principle he teaches, and it continues to transform the physical, emotional and fiscal health of people and workplaces.

Dr. Anderson also strives to practice what he preaches, and serves as not only a wellness mentor to corporations and groups, but as a role model as well. When Dr. Anderson is not educating his community on wellness, he can be found spending time with his wife Barb and his dobermans. When he’s not spending time with them, he can be found watching old re-runs of Happy Days and playing ice hockey with guys twice his size and half his age.