(1.4) Tim Shakespeare

Dr. Tim created Life Rebel Chiropractic out of an eagerness to deliver high quality, traditional Chiropractic care from his hometown of Carrington.

In his 6 years of serving Novocastrians he has seen all manner of ache, pain and ailment heal whilst under Chiropractic care.

Beginning his career in health as a Radiation Therapist, Tim quickly saw that an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure.

Graduating in 2009, Tim has since served on the board of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (NSW), completed the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers program through NZCC, lectured to Chiropractors, mentored students, and has been invited to speak Nationally and Internationally.

In March 2015, Tim was invited to Orange County in the USA to speak in front of 3000 people at the California Jam, one of the largest health conferences in the world. Known asAdjustasaurus Rex in the Chiropractic community, Tim is not shy in coming forward and speaking the truth.