(2.13) Leslie Hewitt

As the Owner of Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio,  I love to share wellness principles. I teach stretching to ALL my patients as a yoga and fitness instructor. My patients benefit with a holistic and gentle approach to healthcare. In addition to providing full-spine and whole-body chiropractic adjustments, I also review diet and nutrition with friendly recommendations. I always recommend additional testing if required using Functional Medicine. Many patients benefit from lab tests for gut health, thyroid and hormones, and there are amazing DNA tests now for the best vitamins for your DNA, your ancestry, and more!!! If you need X-rays or an MRI, I can get those done quickly here. My commitment for a holistic approach to care "leaves no stone un-turned". My Wellness Care programs ensure you will get all your needs met. You will not be rushed in and out during your chiropractic appointments, and I love to connect with my patients through healing and conversations. There are many approaches to restoring function, reducing pain, and improving wellness - so let's find the best way for you to get back to your busy life pain-free and fully functioning with vitality.