(2.11) Ross McDonald

Many of our Mavericks, Geniuses and Icons honorees could have been included in more than one of our categories. Dr. McDonald was chosen for his work in spreading principled, drugless chiropractic around the world, including The Edinburgh Lectures. And, because he has made his many contributions to the profession all while practicing full time, he could easily have been honored as one of our Practicing Docs Changing the World.

Dr. McDonald makes a difference every day by taking a stand to advance health rather than battle disease. His steadfast support of chiropractic’s founding principles continues to not only make the world safe for chiropractic, but to make sure chiropractic continues to be safe and effective in its focus on removing interference to innate health and potential.

TCL is pleased to honor Dr. McDonald for his work in education, motivation and patient care. It is a particular pleasure to recognize him for his legislative work as the driving force behind reversing anti-chiropractic laws, paving the way for chiropractic’s continued existence in the UK and beyond.