Fred DiDomenico


Dr. Fred DiDomenico graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1987. He knew immediately that Chiropractic was his life purpose and sought after the truth of Chiropractic principles with passion and intention. He believed a subluxated spine caused disease and morbidity and it is our responsibility as Chiropractors to correct the spine to help patients live to their highest potential of health and longevity. Over the years he opened 4 practices in 3 different states - California, North Carolina and Washington over the span of 14 years.  All of these practices were spinal corrective based using CBP techniques and functioned at a volume of 500-700 patient visits per week. Through his practice career he had joined several management groups, all helped him grow and understand practice growth principles.  During this process he discovered thre were several contradictions in the material he learned from management groups vs. the application of CBP systems in his practice.  After years of seeking professional communication training outside Chiropractic with professional communication coaches, life coaches and becoming a professional life coach, he applied a professional coaching model to spinal correction, the most powerful communication system in the profession.  Coupled with his extensive knowledge in spinal correction, he formed Elite Coaching in 2005 to elevate the Chiropractic profession with principled spinal correction.