Matt Hubbard, DC

Dr. Matt Hubbard is a living, breathing billboard for the Wellness Lifestyle. Steeped in 15 years of clinical practice and the day to day teaching and application of wellness principles, Hubbard’d interface with a vibrant family practice affords him a unique perspective of what works in healthcare – and what doesn’t.

As the owner operator of one of the most robust wellness practices on the West Coast, his time is spent in the trenches with families that are simply looking for a better way to better health. He is an exceptional clinician, passionate teacher and great student of behavioral science.

Dr. Hubbard is an enthusiast of all things business and health related. As of June 1st 2013 Dr Hubbard assumed his role as President of the California Chiropractic Association (CCA). Dr Hubbard was the Secretary of the CCA in 2012-13, and is currently CEO of Hubbard Chiropractic Inc., an online training program called, My Marriage Mastery and C.O.R.E., a site that helps chiropractors come together for personal and professional development. As of March 1st he was also made partner at Legacy Business Solutions, a coaching company committed to the success of chiropractors worldwide.

Coaching and leadership training started early as Dr Hubbard was one of the hand selected coach’s of Dr Jacksons Epic Practice and Epic Accelerators, one of most cutting edge on-line training in the profession. Before Epic, Matt Hubbard ran a San Diego based training company, CORE MASTERY, where he focused on brain trust concepts and business strategies for local doctors with wild success. He has forever been a student of cutting edge training and been a part of The Ultimate Achievers Club (U.A.C.) since inception.

In 2001, Dr Hubbard moved to San Diego and began his career as an Associate Doctor learning the ins and outs of business and how to run a family based wellness office. In 2003 he became an Independent Contractor and started building today what is Convoy Village Chiropractic that he started in 2004. Now CVC is San Diego’s largest chiropractic office, has trained 100’s of doctors from around the world, and is expanding to multiple locations. Doctors from all over have come to shadow anywhere from one day, up to a year for specific training. Dr Hubbard’s program is called “Shadow Dr. Matt” and currently has a three month wait list.

Politics started early and in 2004 Dr. Hubbard was asked to sit on the board of the non-profit Foundation World Chiropractic Alliance and was a board observer until 2007. In 2004 Dr Hubbard started locally attending CCA meetings and worked his way on the board in San Diego in 2005. Since then he has sat on almost all positions and has actively helped San Diego become the strongest districts in the state winning District of the year back to back since 2011.

A graduate of Westmont College, Matt holds a BA in Kinesiology and Psychology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. In his chiropractic office he specializes in pediatrics, wellness preventative care and new forms of proactive progressive rehab. His back ground in sports training and human performance is what sets his unique ability and talent apart in the profession.

His greatest passion is his wife Mikala and his baby girl Mikah Faith, born in November 2012 and son Maverick Jeremiah, born December 2014. Hubbard and his team’s various musings on business, marriage and all things health & wellness can be found on his AskDrMatt Twitter page here.

A lifelong commitment to chiropractic.

“With so many advancements being made each year in chiropractic, I don’t think our education will ever end. I am committed to continual learning of the latest methods in order to contribute to your health care.”

BS Kinesiology Westmont College
Graduate: D.C., Life Chiropractic College West- Hayward, CA
Diplomate- BEST, Morter Health Systems

Working with others to find the best ways to care for you

“Having a team of professionals on your side is of great importance. When we get together, we discuss what we’ve found to be most effective. When you come to our office, you will get the expertise of more than one chiropractor. You’ll benefit from the shared knowledge of our team and mentors I have surrounded myself with.”

  1. Past Treasurer of California Chiropractic Association San Diego

  2. Board of Governor of World Chiropractic Alliance

  3. President of C.O.R.E. (Chiropractors on the Road to Excellence)

  4. Started Emergency Response Team for San Diego

Using his expertise to help people around the world

“I believe it’s important to share what I’ve learned. My articles, lectures, videos, classes and consultations give me the opportunity to help people in other communities live life to the fullest. I believe that’s the whole point of health care.”

Honored by the professional community

“Being honored by other professionals is exciting. It shows that they truly value my work and my contribution to the chiropractic profession.”

Voted: Chiropractor of the Month May 2005

WCA Outstanding Service Award 2006

San Diego Magazine’s “Top Doctor” October 2006

CCA “Truax” Award 2005

CCA Leadership Award 2006

Donating his time to help end America’s health systems.

“There are thousands of people around the country who are facing poor health every day. I want to do my part to help them reclaim their life. That’s why I’m actively involved in these important national groups.”

Chiropractic Health Information Program, Back Pack Safety Coalition, Community and Business Lecturer, Guest Speaker: Channel 8 and Channel 10 News, Path to Excellence, Chiropractic Economics Magazine, Chiropractic Journal.