California Jam Refund Policy

So you can't make it to Cal Jam, but you've already bought tickets. What do you do? Beginning in 2016, we have built upon our strict refund policy. Similar to years past, there are no refunds for pre-purchased California Jam tickets. In a few circumstances, we may allow a refund but will require a $35 processing fee. If your ticket total was over $1000, we will take a 5% processing fee. For more information or to inquire about a refund please email with the subject: Cal Jam Refund.

Standard Process - California Jam 2017 Main Sponsor

Our team is happy to announce that the 10th annual California Jam will be sponsored by Standard Process. 

That’s right, Standard Process has teamed up with us again to bring you the biggest and best California Jam yet. Standard Process is not only a loyal supporter of our event, but of the chiropractic profession. Our successful and on-going partnership is rooted in our shared ideals regarding human potential, global sustainability, and community wellness. 

Since 1929, Standard Process has been devoted to providing unparalleled nutritional supplements to their customers while advocating a whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee, which cites that a human body can be truly resilient when given the proper nutrition. 

You can find Standard Process next to the California Jam booth on the Orchestra level. Visit their website to find out more about their purpose and what makes their company so unique. 

Again, Cal Jam would like to recognize and thank Standard Process for their continued support and partnership. With their help, this will surely be the best Cal Jam yet. Get your tickets today at the Cal Jam store! 

New Patient Maven - Official After Party Sponsor

Another year, another Cal Jam After Party sponsored by New Patient Maven! 

The New Patient Maven teaches practice growth techniques to chiropractors. Dr. Brad Glowaki, D.C. is 'The Maven' and is currently in a high-volume practice. He is not a coach, or a part of a Management group, but has frequently been a guest speaker on many occasions for those groups. He has also been a keynote speaker at many State Associations and simply shares methodologies and techniques to communicate the message of chiropractic's benefits to the masses.

The After Party is an opportunity for attendees to interact and raise money for chiropractic research! Tickets are $25 and this year, all proceeds with benefit Haavik Research. 

The theme of this year's party is 70's - so get groovy with your party attire!  

True Cellular Detox - Cal Jam 2017 Gala Dinner Sponsor

We call it an unprecedented networking event because it's where you, as an attendee, can personally and professionally interact with our line-up of world renowned speakers! 

Every speaker attends the Gala Dinner, which takes place on Friday evening of February 24th. Cocktail hour begins at 8pm and dress code is black tie. 

This year, the Gala Dinner is brought to you by True Cellular Detox. Be sure to get your tickets today because spaces are extremely limited! 

Why Cal Jam? A Letter from the Founder - TBT October 2013

The number one “WHY” of Cal Jam is to keep this great profession pure and unsullied, to preserve our great philosophy and principles and keep us drug free!!! That was one of the main reasons I went to chiropractic school, because it was a DRUG FREE healing profession.

One of the main WHYs of Cal Jam is to introduce to the world REAL principle-based chiropracTIC, not an allopathic back pain model. As a teenager I went to huge event called California Jam where 250,000 people gathered to celebrate great music. After going to Dynamic Essentials in the late 80’s and literally having Sid Williams change my chiropractic destiny, I was motivated to take that D.E. energy and elevate to the next level with live music.

Now, after 6 years, our Cal Jam vision not only includes chiropractic as the centerpiece, but we also want to shed light on other issues that plague the health of humans and planet earth in the future. The goal is to create an eclectic health festival with music to attract the general public to the event. This is my first year really opening up the schedule to not only the chiropractic story, but also nutrition, exercise, GMOs, Geo Engineering, Natural Child Birth, Vaccines, Fluoride, Breast Health etc. This year will sell out the 3,000 seat Segerstrom Center for the Arts and it will be the largest premiere chiropractic event on the planet.

As this event continues to grow both in size and financial support it is our goal to attract not only bigger sponsors but also bigger, more popular bands (i.e. Red Hot Chili Peppers or Black Crows). With more prominent popular bands our ability to draw larger crowds will be enhanced.

Cal Jam also hosts a black tie Speakers Gala where you can mingle in full elegance at the Center Club with our rockstar speakers. Saturday is the best party EVER thrown in the chiropractic profession with the band Boogie Knights. Costumes and wigs are optional. Sunday is 5 hours of X-ray, if needed.

If sustainability of pure principled chiropractic, getting the big idea to the world and sustainability of the planet and human race resonates with you, you will love Cal Jam. If celebrating the coolest profession and celebrating in a rock n roll party atmosphere tickles your fancy, then this event is right up your alley. Hope to see you there so we can collectively get chiropractic to the world and save the planet.

Love, BillyD