California Jam is a CE accredited event. Check the link below to see your state's CE approval -- if your state is pending, check back: this list is updated weekly.
California Jam only offers chiropractic CE.
Email individual questions to

Located on the left side in the back of the Segerstrom Center lobby will be the CE Desk. Here you will pay for your CE Credits and secure a packet with a CE Certificate, a hard paper Attendance Form, and a blank envelope (that you must self-address). All three of these items must be returned to the CE Desk at the end of California Jam.  Friday and Saturday the CE Desk will remain in the left-back lobby.  On Sunday, the CE Desk will be in the same location as the Sunday X-ray program.  As per the rules and regulations of each respective State Licensing Board – trained CE Officers and CE Staff will monitor the CE attendees for their presence within the LIVE LECTURE hall of California Jam.  CE will be earned for all hours of live lecture attendance – dependent on the amount of hours approved by each respective State Licensing Board.  There are NO refunds and NO CE Credit will be awarded for hours not present in the live lecture hall AND/OR if all 3 documents are NOT returned to the CE Desk (CE Certificate, a hard paper Attendance Form and a blank envelope - you must self-address).  You may not mail, fax nor e-mail your CE documents. NO Exceptions.