Heather Wolfson

Heather Wolfson, D.C., is a chiropractic physician who provides chiropractic and nutritional care to adults and children. 


She is an incredible mom who home-birthed her two sons, Noah and Brody, and is raising the children in a holistic fashion that includes breast feeding, co-sleeping, and chemical-free living.

Dr. Heather Wolfson is a chiropractic physician. Her areas of expertise range from raising healthy children holistically, to adult nutrition and detoxification. She has lectured to thousands in California and locally, in Arizona. Heather's passion comes through in every seminar and the audience is left wanting more. She is a doctor, a woman and a mom who talks the talk and walks the walk. Heather is passionate about women and children's health. She firmly believes in nature's wisdom and empowering parents and mothers.

Some of her favorite speaking and presentation topics include women's health, home-birthing, breastfeeding, and the dangers of vaccines. Expertise: Chiropractic, Women'sHealth, Nutrition, Natural Parenting