Daniel Bai

Let's be frank, very few people grow up as kids dreaming of becoming a chiropractor.  When Dr. Bai was a child, he recalls wanting to become a comedian.  Coming from a traditional Korean family, you can only imagine the backlash.  But what changed his mind about his premature career decision was not because of his parents, but rather, it was he when realized he wasn't really THAT funny. But his interest in PEOPLE never changed.  He always tried to figure out how to help people in ways that were unorthodox to most of his peers.  Instead of lending a helping hand, he tried to figure out what motivates a person to LEARN how to help themselves.  If the saying, "LUCK is What Happens When Preparation Meets Oppertunity..." is true, then Dr. Bai was one lucky lad.  In high school, his jaw dropped during a chemistry experiment, his interest in the sciences AND people catalyzed his career choice as a chiropractor. Fast forward, Dr. Bai has been in active full time practice for 14 years serving this community.  His approach is direct and efficient because he understands that most people do not have the time nor the patience for health problems.  Instead of exclusively setting clinical goals for his patients, he also sets "life effect" goals.  In other words, goals that are IMPORTANT to his patients, such as having enough energy to exercise again, or a new mother being able to pick up her newborn without searing pain, etc.